Friday, April 6, 2012

Update on admissions clusterfuck

There were some other schools involved- D, E, F. Forget them, they're not important anymore. It's down to schools A and C. I am still accepted at school A, and I still like them. MBH is still waiting to hear from 2 different programs there. But, it's soooo close to April 15th that every day we are crushed a bit more when there is no news. We have both been accepted to school C. However, we both feel it's not the best place for us, respectively. When I interviewed there, it seemed there are still a bunch of growing pains with this new interdisciplinary program, and the students are not treated that well. I mean, if you can't trot out the happy students to meet the prospectives, then I will assume there are none. The current students shouldn't ALL be bitter. In addition, my research interests aren't represented that well here. And while there are 3 rotations built into the program, it seemed most of my fellow interviewees already had an agreement with a faculty member. MBH's prospective program at school C does not have rotations, and he was invited there by his potential PI. This lab is doing some really interesting work, but the lab is well off the main campus, utilizes farm animals, and while nice, the PI seemed like he was not so nice to his current students. He also suggested that he enter the MS program instead of the PhD program, with the option to continue after the MS.

Because of these reasons, neither of us really want to spend the next 5 years at school C. Not to mention the location in Nowheresville is super far from our families. But, it is a school where we were both accepted, and we could stay together. For various reasons, both of us are worried we will fail without the other present during grad school. I know, we can still support each other from far away, blah blah blah. We did long distance, an 8 hour drive, for 1.5 years already. It SUCKED. We saw each other every 6-8 weeks, and I hated it. I am not the long distance type and spent too many nights crying my eyes out. The only thing that made it bearable was the possibility of it ending soon.

So far we have the following options:
1. We both go to school C and try to make the best of it. These programs do have some things going for them.
2. I go to school A, MBH goes to school C for his MS, then tries to go to school A. But now we are off schedule and will have an even harder time staying together if we graduate years apart.
3. I go to school A, FSM blesses us and MBH also gets into school A. All rejoice.
4. I go to school A, MBH stays in current city (3 hours from school A) and continues working his mind-numbing job for decent money. He applies to school A again next year.
5. We both forget about grad school and start a business making cupcakes and bookshelves shaped like Tetris pieces.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blogger seems more advanced than Xanga...

I am currently fulfilling my academic destiny and applying to PhD programs. My better half and I have both been out of the game for a while, and are applying to different programs at schools together. Two body problem alert! I have already been accepted to school A. I really like it there and they seemed to want me. MBH has not heard from school A yet (later app deadline), but has an interview at school B, boasting a better reputation and warmer weather. Everyone assumes we are moving there already. But just this week we both received interviews to school C- 2 hours from school B, but in the middle of nowheresville.   I am not as excited about school C, but MBH has received excellent feedback from faculty there.

The uncertainty is driving me crazy. Part of me wants to tell program A that I'm waiting for MBH's acceptance, and see if they can work some interdepartmental magic on his behalf. Then I can be done with the whole thing and focus on finding housing hundreds of miles away. 

I'm already worrying about whose career to put first, and we're just beginning!